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Impact University is designed to help future leaders discover and step into their purpose.

Our classroom environments and internship opportunities are designed in a way that true discipleship is at the forefront of your learning experience. Discovery is a major part of stepping into your calling and IU is set up in a way that encourages and cultivates discovery.


At Impact University, you will gain the experience needed to be successful in life and in ministry.

At Impact University, our students receive not only knowledge – but experience as well. Our instructors are pastors and leaders in their local churches. From that abundance of experience, they share their wisdom in the classroom through practical application and discussion.  In addition, students have the option to intern in many different areas of ministry, gaining hands-on experience.


Impact University is centered around the concept of community.

Impact University is passionate about creating and establishing a Kingdom-minded community. Nothing creates stronger bonds than pursuing God and advancing the Kingdom together. We provide opportunities to connect through class discussions, group projects, outreach opportunities, and worship. Our faculty and staff are committed to developing this community for the glory of God.

Campus Locations

Clemmons, NC

Main campus

Albemarle, NC

Satellite campus

Blairs, VA

Spanish-speaking satellite campus

Your Satellite Campus Here!

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