Student Housing

While we do not offer student housing on campus, there are many apartment complexes very close by, some within walking distance.

If you require housing, please let us know and we would be happy to share those with you and introduce you to some possible roommates.

Campus Life

At Impact University, our goal is that every person we come in contact with feels the love of God. Nothing creates closer friendships than pursuing God together through worship and the studying of His Word.

We strive to make sure all of our students feel welcome and at home and we are proud to have a diverse student body.

Whether you plan to attend our ministry intensive, day, night, or online program, we invite you to be a part of the Impact University family!

GI Bill®

Heroes Welcome Here

Impact University proudly offers degree programs that have been approved for our military to use their GI Bill®.

We recognize all of our military for their call, service, and sacrifice on behalf of the United States of America. Every day that we see our men and women in uniform our hearts swell with gratitude and appreciation. We pray that through our programs, we will be able to give back a small portion of what has been given to us. Thank you for serving!

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Are Impact University students eligible for financial aid or student loans?

No. At this time our students are not eligible for financial aid or student loans.

Do your classes qualify for GI Bill® reimbursement?

Yes! Impact University is proud to announce that our degree programs have been approved for our military to use their GI Bill®.

Does IU accept transfer credit?

Yes. Each transcript will be individually evaluated and all applicable credits that apply towards your degree program of choice will transfer. You will need to speak with the Registrar to see how many credits can be transferred.

Is Impact University Accredited?

Yes. Impact University is accredited through Transworld Accrediting Commission International.

Tel. 951.901.5586

231 East Alessandro Blvd. Suite A-210, Riverside, CA 92508

Do you offer student housing?

We do not offer housing on campus. However, there are several apartment complexes within walking distance.

Do you have a meal plan?

No. At this time, we do not offer a meal plan for the student body. Each student will be responsible for providing their own meals.

Will my credits transfer to another school?

Each institution has their own policy in place to evaluate transcripts. You would need to personally contact the school you were considering and speak with their Registrar. We are aware of certain institutions that will allow for credits to transfer that are regionally and/or nationally accredited.

What are the admission requirements?

Degree-seeking students seeking full-time or part-time admission are required to have a GED or High School Diploma. You must submit an application.

With what Christian denomination is Impact University Affiliated?

We are a non-denominational Christian University.